Today morning i read this watsapp forward,

In Love marriage you marry your girlfriend

while in arrange marriage you marry someone else’s girlfriend.

While its just a joke, its a reality for a lot of the girls as well as boys out there.

Society and its Norms are amusing.They are tall, dark and funny and they don’t make sense most of the time.Here are some direct points i am too vain to understand.

  1. A girl who chooses her life partner by herself is young and naive but the same girl is mature enough to marry the guy her family chooses.
  2. ‘The in laws hold more power on the girl after the marriage’ or ‘beti toh paraya dhan hai.’  FOR THE LAST TIME. WE ARE NOT OBJECTS . NO ONE OWNS US. NO POWER TO YOU LAWS OR IN LAWS.
  3. Have you heard them say  ‘Mera beta badal gya hai shaadi ke baad.’ or ‘My son has changed after his marriage’ .Well ya ? He grew up !
  4.  A girl is not supposed to mingle with guys. She is not supposed to understand them .But yeah she can have sex with any guy they find for her.OH ONLY AFTER MARRIAGE YOU GUYS ! (Also get pregnant asap too. Please we want to see the grand child before we die please -.-)
  5. If a guy adores his wife in public, listens to her, do not act like a jerk, HE IS NOT JORU KA GULAM ! HE IS A MAN.
  7. The same old problem.What we wear do not define us. Our bra strap is not our adjective.
  8. Just because we choose to work doesn’t mean we are alien to Cooking.
  9. If I am 21 and learning to cook. Its because I want to. NO. I AM  NOT PREPARING TO BE A GOOD SUSHEEL WIFE.(WHO IS SUSHEEL AGAIN?)