1 november 2016

WELL WELL WELL . Arrived at Melbourne airport . Met our guide Atman bhaiya .And crisis. so in  Australia ,three pin adapter sockets are used very different from the ones in India. and you know how important is a charger right?

Anyway so we went to rent a car for next few few days.It was just outside and opposite to the airport and man how freezing cold it was that day.IMG_0450.JPG

Heading to Mornington peninsula,Victoria.It was unreal.Dad driving Through the city of Melbourne, me in the front seat helping him with the GPS and just looking out at a complete new place.IT WAS UNREAL.Also my dad was tried of me playing English music and so he connected his phone to play old Hindi songs. HINDI SONGS IN MELBOURNE.UNREAL.IMG_0547.JPG

Since our GPS wasn’t working well for us , we looked at google maps and went through the cities instead of just going through the highway.It took us a little longer than other to reach but well it was worth it.Couple of hours just driving through different towns in Australia. NO BIG DEAL.

Damn we reached Mornington and it was the prettiest place i have ever been to.Driving along the ocean road, just a few meters away from the water.All those colorful small houses. I felt i was in either in Noddy or Oswald setup.and well it is a peninsula.img_0481

Arrived at our hotel, took bath , ate and ate and ate and then got ready for hot springs.These are  natural springs, water flowing in pools.In one of the pool, there was a cave with little climbers on it.Perfect for contemplating life.


How in a few hours i was in a complete new experience, a complete new setup.

well good sleep after jetlag