Changa in Punjabi means good .

31 October  2016

we are here at the Changi airport,Singapore.Now this airport is serious goals.Why? because of the free massage couches. C’mon , we had a 8 hour halt and the leg massage was exactly what we needed.img_0403

I and my sissy went window shopping at the airport, drooling over clothes shoes and bags and then eventually realising how badly we need to start earning after looking at the price tags.

Oh apart from having coffee at the infamous starbucks , i spent time betting cents on my hand cricket skills and won all the 4o cents.

The cool dad

Ps. i dont need to mention this . but we are Indian and i am a marwari so we had big big bags of the aunties gave out theplas and achhars and bhel and we ate like we were at langar. No seriously, we sat down on the carpet and ate.Ignore the mess we made.Because the fact is home food tastes 100 times better in a foreign land. Ignore the fact that we ate home food just yesterday.

Anyway departing for Melbourne Airport yikess.