Why is the Bokeh pretty to eyes,

even though it is vague,

even when we are not sure about its substance,

not sure how to put in words.


The Bokeh, i am talking about,

is that arrangement of vague colorful circles

we see when we focus others out,

when we look right through everyone,

look at those little colorful bulbs of beauty.


It is symbolic.

When we avoid all the hustle of the city

and think and look above the whining

only then we can see the magnificent setup,

the set up that science and nature form together,

only then we realise,

how small are we,

how small are our thoughts,

smaller than those magical spheres,

or circles, i am not even sure,

and how big is this life .


It is, the Bokeh , much like the bouquet of flowers

only that it is free, it is vague yet true

and it is not confined to specific dates.


Life is not just a few days,

and just those few mistakes,

and just those few falls and potholes.

It is pretty, gifted and huge.