“Our little satellite reached Mars because it was called MOM. If it was called DAD, it would still be circling the Earth, lost, but not willing to ask for directions.”

After a exhausted week of researching , typing , giving up , typing again and working on my Termpaper , i finally submitted it yesterday with the fine of 250 bucks. Thus as a young enthusiastic  20 year old i decided i need to celebrate this achievement.

Note 1. I specifically said achievement because my topic was ‘ Evolution of horror films’ and i was watching thrillers in the thrilling dark rainy night .

Celebration plan has to be a  fun night plan . So i decided to go through my wardrobe and find that new book i got . Mrs Funnybones was bought because i had recently read Twinkle khanna’s columns and buzzfeed would also list her tweets more than often.The next few hours were spend running around her household, from her POV  and laughing at her daft yet satirical remarks. The way of addressing her mates as ‘ Man of the house’ , ‘Prodigy son’, ‘The baby ‘ and , the best one, calling her helper as ‘ Jeeves’ was refreshing . I was laughing like a slai. I kid you not.The noticing thing was how she was so comfortable with what she is , which is bad at cooking , bad at socializing , bad at acting like a celebrity.Mrs Funnybones is just like us , scared from the past fat girl image , trying to not get annoyed by the mother , trying to adjust with the in laws , trying to multitask  and still cracking those lame , silly remarks for herself , writing for herself , smiling for her son thus for herself. As we go through her ordinary funny life , we realise even ours is as funny too. We need to find those hiccups and make puns on them and move on . We need to go Blimey at every adventure in our life.’

I am just 20 yet i have a gist of how my life will be after two decades and i know i will be laughing at my own lame jokes even then . I would do things for my family and myself too. I would be with the most funny company ,that is myself, and would not stop amusing myself.

I am an ardent ‘Standup comedy videos’ watcher and  i make a fool of myself in front of my family , laughing with my earphones on staring deep into my laptop . But yesterday for a change i was laughing hysterically while reading the book.

Note 2 :   I did make a fool of myself though.

A collection of her dairy entries , The book is a parallel way of seeing our otherwise mundane life.