Untill 10 august i was sure that i wont go back to home for Rakshabandhan because

A. I just took two days off for lonavala trip ( attendance issues).You know how you decide to attend all the other days of college to compensate for that trip leave.

B. Because i dint have an off for Rakhi and i wasn’t sure if its right to spend for flight tickets just for a few days.Lets face it ,I am a student and i am 20. I have developed an ego and have matured a bit and think that i shouldn’t ask for money again and again.( I just can’t adult anymore).

C. I had submissions due on 16th  and Rakhi was on 18th.Well i am in the final year of my degree and i had decided to be punctual at least this last year .( ya right )

And then the philosophical side took over my hard-hearted brain . I realised what is the point of studying and saving money if it cannot get me happiness. Happiness for me is celebrating little occasions with my entire family and if this system couldn’t get me that then sorry but i will choose my happiness  over anything.( too childish right ? ). You understand how we come up with reasons and excuses just to get what we want . typical human behaviour eh ?

So the next moment , i called up my dad and 10 minutes later i had my tickets .

The plan was :

1. Check my attendance and make sure that i can make up for it later.

2. Manage the assignment submission issue .

3. Decide the dates .I finished my exams on 13th and the next morning i took my flight to home sweet home. The 14th and 15th were anyway holidays and i came back by 19th morning , right in time to attend college that very day.

4. Oh also , i decided to keep this visit a surprise for everyone back home and only my dad and mom knew about it.Well my dad told my mom , my mom told my sister and my sister informed my cousin and she went on telling a few about it asking them not to tell anyone else. At least 8 of them were surprised.

Trust me i am so proud of my instinct decisions and also my last-minute management skills.Travelling without any long preparation is adventure in its own way . I hit me  that how i would do anything to be with the people who love me , whom i love .How every path should lead to our own happiness and how we should try to make the most out of every moment .