Last week , i went for a two days getaway to Lonavala so visit the Della Adventures with my cousins.We had been playing for this trip for a long time but since we all weren’t able to decide on a single date , the plan delayed untill now. I boarded a flight from Bangalore to Mumbai where i was received by my cousin brother . There after we went to Lonavala by car where all the others had already reached.


This trip is memorable to me for so many reasons.You know , you realise that this is the moment , at this moment you are your true self.It was one of those moments with my siblings. This trip was an only youngsters trip and we bonded like never before. It wasn’t as if we weren’t close to each other anyway but the trust and friendship level just reached a new height .Those two days passed like a wind but i still have a clear picture of each second.


This  is  what travelling does to you . It gives you moments to look back later in you life with that small tear in your eyes. It adds textures to your bonds and your thoughts.You just need to find the right people and right energy for your journey.Travelling has always been my passion.Every goal leads to that wish to see maximum of the world. I am planning to work only so that i can save to travel.

We went to Della on the second day and it was the perfect .All the sports from the mud bike to the rocket ejector , from the 100 feet  swoop swing to gyro ,from paintball to the Asia’s highest flying fox , we finished all the rides in the extreme criteria.Not only that , it had so many engaging activities like Archery and  a few similar to  the Takeshi castle. Extremly recommended if you are into adventure sports.IMG_4356

While i was rappelling , i looked back and down to the lovely hill station and i can not describe it in words.In life problems come and go , storms come and go .Every tiny thing ends whether it is good or hellic.Your memory erases most of it but what it remembers is that few instances which just made you feel content and alive.Never exchange them with materialistic needs , never compromise with those memories.