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Dear makers of Permanent Roommates,

I started watching this infamous web-series because i was up to date with the game of thrones .This was basically just a filler when i thought i needed a break from binge series watching.

FLASHBACK .When i went to my hometown for summer holidays, i heard a few of my friends talking about some permanent roommate. Been a proud parent of Game of thrones , like any other proud parent , i wouldn’t listen to some random roommate kid’s honors especially when it had an Indian origin.Thus the reference was subtly ignored.

After returning back to Bangalore , while searching for a time pass series , i decided to give this new kid a try (mind you , i tried it just to see what was the hype about and i was confident it wouldn’t be as good as to please me ).I started off at 8 30 pm with the first episode which was about 15 minutes long and to my surprise i was watching all the episodes till it was 2 am and i realized i had college to attend the next morning.The next day was spent waiting for the time when i could jump onto my bunk and continue with the next episodes

There is a certain image created about Indian TV shows .The drama to content ratio is 10:1 .The cliches also include the big protruding eyes of the negative role, the surreal honest and pure heart of the protagonist and a few deaths and rebirths here and there.Since i am among the cool youth of the country which supports the ‘Hollywood is better than Bellwood’ debate , i never thought that an Indian series could be this interesting , this modern in its approach and this logical and of course his humorous. With all the subtle sarcasms , the charming and intelligent leads , this show had won my heart along with the million others.



The plot moves smoothly , the script is brilliantly written with such precise details , you can’t help but praise the smart work.The characters are Grey .It is important for Indians to realize that your significant other can not be perfect .You can not be perfect.Life is not a fairy tale , it doesn’t work like movies. There might not be a happy ending .The show seems to mock all the illogical norms of the society .It portrays people living with the modern times , living happily together , working towards adjusting with each other and most importantly it promotes humanity.

After chandler bing , Mikesh choudhary is the only guy i am smitten with and Tanu is the only fictitious character i am jealous of. While Mikesh is emotional yet head strong , Tanu has a smart practical personality. They are both relateable characters to our generation and we are in awe of them.A salute to Nidhi Singh , Sumeet Vyas , for their incredible job.I want to act all behaved and formal but man i love you guys .No seriously i love them.

I finished the two seasons in two days and i am dying to watch the next season. They were a wonderful two days and i heartily thank The Viral Fever and Biswapati Sarkar for making it special for me and million others.

*in Mikesh’s voice*


Thank you so very much

yours ardently,

A Permanent fan.