shutterstock_201226466-e1425985226804June 3  ,2016

It was a pleasant bengaluru morning. I sat down with my tea and the TOI copy and then  the first news piece made me realise it wasn’t such a pleasant day afterall.In big bold letter ;the headline read

‘Bullied by peers 14 year old jumps from the 10th  floor’;

This morning was not a pleasant one for his parents , his loved ones and it wasn’t for me. It is a shame . A 14 year old was so emotionally attacked that it killed him . It was done by no terrorists and no road accidents or by pollution but by a  bunch who thought it doesn’t hurt no one and it is cool to pick on people.

His note ,which was found in his bag’,said ‘It’s bullying and it has been happening and it is intolerated .  Those who i considered my friends have betrayed me’. Friends? what are ‘friends ‘ ? who are these ‘friends’? Google says , a friend is someone who one likes and trusts .None of this is happening here.These friends do not realise that sometimes it is funny and other times it is not . Choose your friends wisely , choose right people to talk to , someone who respects you ,who encourages you and definitely not make you feel bad about yourself.

Bullying is a traumatizing act .Stop it right now.It is like cancer eating away the victim slowly untill he reaches his limit .It leads to depression, loneliness , and it even goes up to suicides.

The word ‘Cool ‘ is often used for those who can intimidate their peers. This in turn gives them the power to bully others.  Guys, understand this sort of ‘Cool’ is not so cool. Let people be . Stop judging . Stop mocking people who are different from you because while you are just trying to be cool you earn nothing but disgust . Cool is someone who lives and let others live.Stop being butchers . While the victim is smiling your lame insult off , he is crying inside . He is feeling ashamed and is losing a part of his confidence and with every ‘joke’ you crack , the confidence level is just going down  .

It can be lack of emotional support, lack of true friends.Sometimes we run into a glamorous cool group just for the heck of it.Being famous is one thing and being happy is other. I say it yet again , It is not funny. It affects the youth more than any other age group. This youth is supposed to lead the way but are constantly pulled down by thorns.Find out who uplifts you and keep them close. It is our responsibility to not ignore any of such acts and voice against them .

Live and let live.