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Society Norms I fail to understand as a girl.

Today morning i read this watsapp forward,

In Love marriage you marry your girlfriend

while in arrange marriage you marry someone else’s girlfriend.

While its just a joke, its a reality for a lot of the girls as well as boys out there.

Society and its Norms are amusing.They are tall, dark and funny and they don’t make sense most of the time.Here are some direct points i am too vain to understand.

  1. A girl who chooses her life partner by herself is young and naive but the same girl is mature enough to marry the guy her family chooses.
  2. ‘The in laws hold more power on the girl after the marriage’ or ‘beti toh paraya dhan hai.’  FOR THE LAST TIME. WE ARE NOT OBJECTS . NO ONE OWNS US. NO POWER TO YOU LAWS OR IN LAWS.
  3. Have you heard them say  ‘Mera beta badal gya hai shaadi ke baad.’ or ‘My son has changed after his marriage’ .Well ya ? He grew up !
  4.  A girl is not supposed to mingle with guys. She is not supposed to understand them .But yeah she can have sex with any guy they find for her.OH ONLY AFTER MARRIAGE YOU GUYS ! (Also get pregnant asap too. Please we want to see the grand child before we die please -.-)
  5. If a guy adores his wife in public, listens to her, do not act like a jerk, HE IS NOT JORU KA GULAM ! HE IS A MAN.
  7. The same old problem.What we wear do not define us. Our bra strap is not our adjective.
  8. Just because we choose to work doesn’t mean we are alien to Cooking.
  9. If I am 21 and learning to cook. Its because I want to. NO. I AM  NOT PREPARING TO BE A GOOD SUSHEEL WIFE.(WHO IS SUSHEEL AGAIN?)







Wait for it.

There are some gloomy days

when you want that feeling to leave you,

when you want the anxiety to end

when you want to just sleep.


And right now you feel

No, it cannot get worse

But wait my friend

for when the agony ends,and it shall end, i promise

The pendulum will start working again.

the slow motion will resume again.

You will see ,

there was no war after all.

It was just a hoax.

It was just to make you stronger.




Mornington Peninsula

1 november 2016

WELL WELL WELL . Arrived at Melbourne airport . Met our guide Atman bhaiya .And crisis. so in  Australia ,three pin adapter sockets are used very different from the ones in India. and you know how important is a charger right?

Anyway so we went to rent a car for next few few days.It was just outside and opposite to the airport and man how freezing cold it was that day.IMG_0450.JPG

Heading to Mornington peninsula,Victoria.It was unreal.Dad driving Through the city of Melbourne, me in the front seat helping him with the GPS and just looking out at a complete new place.IT WAS UNREAL.Also my dad was tried of me playing English music and so he connected his phone to play old Hindi songs. HINDI SONGS IN MELBOURNE.UNREAL.IMG_0547.JPG

Since our GPS wasn’t working well for us , we looked at google maps and went through the cities instead of just going through the highway.It took us a little longer than other to reach but well it was worth it.Couple of hours just driving through different towns in Australia. NO BIG DEAL.

Damn we reached Mornington and it was the prettiest place i have ever been to.Driving along the ocean road, just a few meters away from the water.All those colorful small houses. I felt i was in either in Noddy or Oswald setup.and well it is a peninsula.img_0481

Arrived at our hotel, took bath , ate and ate and ate and then got ready for hot springs.These are  natural springs, water flowing in pools.In one of the pool, there was a cave with little climbers on it.Perfect for contemplating life.


How in a few hours i was in a complete new experience, a complete new setup.

well good sleep after jetlag



Changi was changa

Changa in Punjabi means good .

31 October  2016

we are here at the Changi airport,Singapore.Now this airport is serious goals.Why? because of the free massage couches. C’mon , we had a 8 hour halt and the leg massage was exactly what we needed.img_0403

I and my sissy went window shopping at the airport, drooling over clothes shoes and bags and then eventually realising how badly we need to start earning after looking at the price tags.

Oh apart from having coffee at the infamous starbucks , i spent time betting cents on my hand cricket skills and won all the 4o cents.

The cool dad

Ps. i dont need to mention this . but we are Indian and i am a marwari so we had big big bags of the aunties gave out theplas and achhars and bhel and we ate like we were at langar. No seriously, we sat down on the carpet and ate.Ignore the mess we made.Because the fact is home food tastes 100 times better in a foreign land. Ignore the fact that we ate home food just yesterday.

Anyway departing for Melbourne Airport yikess.


Australia step 1.

3o october 2o16

Well, today we are leaving for Australia .YEAH AUSTRALIA. Now the thing you should know about me is that the very idea of going to a new place gives me happiness for life.The new places , the new colors and the new ideas actually turns me on .YEAH.

We were going with my dad’s friend .Total 4 families.We took an overnight bus from Surat to Bombay airport from where we had our flight to Singapore . I had been to Singapore in my 9th grade but i still felt that sense of belonging.

How we spend our time in the bus ? Watching the two new bollywood movies, Ae dil hai mushkil and Shivaay.We somehow handled ae dil hai mushkil but by the time shivaay reached its main half, we passed out.

Oh and there it was. The colorful Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport in all its glory.I have been there a couple of times yet everytime i am awestruck by the night lights.And i can feel the adrenaline rush already.

Get set pack go!




Hold on

There are some days in life ,

When you want that feeling to leave you

when a single day feels like a year

when it’s all over is the cue.


And right when you feel

it can’t get any worse

it is the darkest night of the decade,

the agony ends.


The pendulum started working again.

The slow-mo finally resumed.

There was no war after all

It was just a small attack.


You realise what were you before

and how are you after the pain.

You passed it too,

it was just playing with your sane.

One of those places.

The moment you step outside,

outside from your big world,

big distorted  world full of confusions and doubts,

The moment you enter new surrounding,

you realize how naive you are,

how naive are your doubts,

and how small is your world in comparison to all that,

that is out there.


There are so many stories,

so many stories about different colors and love,

about magic and music,

your story isn’t tragic anymore.

That world is one my friend,

and there are many magical more.




out of focus

Why is the Bokeh pretty to eyes, even though it is vague, even when we are not sure about its substance, not sure how to put in words.   The Bokeh, i am talking about, is that arrangeme…

Source: out of focus

out of focus


Why is the Bokeh pretty to eyes,

even though it is vague,

even when we are not sure about its substance,

not sure how to put in words.


The Bokeh, i am talking about,

is that arrangement of vague colorful circles

we see when we focus others out,

when we look right through everyone,

look at those little colorful bulbs of beauty.


It is symbolic.

When we avoid all the hustle of the city

and think and look above the whining

only then we can see the magnificent setup,

the set up that science and nature form together,

only then we realise,

how small are we,

how small are our thoughts,

smaller than those magical spheres,

or circles, i am not even sure,

and how big is this life .


It is, the Bokeh , much like the bouquet of flowers

only that it is free, it is vague yet true

and it is not confined to specific dates.


Life is not just a few days,

and just those few mistakes,

and just those few falls and potholes.

It is pretty, gifted and huge.







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